Lazzab Eco Lodge


Lazzab Eco Lodge


 بيوت ضيافة

To enjoy your stay, Lazzab Eco Lodge has chosen for you, rooms built with mud isolated with Kabkab on the ceilings.

(Kabkab is a local plant which plays a role of water and heat isolation)

These rooms are designated to accommodate 2, 4 or 5 persons with the availability also of a toilet inside, hot water, and lighting.

After hiking, playing, exercising, reading, meditating or contemplating the beauty of the landscapes, you can enjoy your meals with a panoramic view under the Lazzab tree in a very accommodate place or in the semi-open area allied to the club.

Healthy foods from the region destitute from any chemical or conservative products, will be offered to you in very delicious meals.

The fire camp animated by singers, musicians and poets, will make your night unforgettable under the stars.

How to reach “Lazzab Club”

Different ways:

Beirut → Baalbeck → Hermel → Wadi El Karm → Essawah → Boueib
(the club): 160 Km

Beirut → Baalbeck → Ainata → Ouyoun Ourghosh → Jbab El Homer → Essawah → Boueib (4×4 car): 150 Km
Beirut → Tripoli → Sir Eddeniyeh → Jbab El Homer → Essawah → Boueib
(4×4 car): 140 Km.

بيت الضيافة لزاب الهرمل

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